Online Classroom Economy: My classroom runs itself and I can focus on teaching.

An ideal classroom

Imagine walking into your classroom with the lights already turned on, plants watered, pencils sharpened, computers charged, and the board updated. Ring Ring. You are in the middle of greeting students or taking attendance, when your classroom receptionist answers, “Hello this is Yazmin from room 211. How may I assist you today?” Yazmin, like all of the students in the classroom, has a classroom job that contributes to the overall organization and management of the classroom. Essentially, the classroom runs by itself. Imagine getting to focus on teaching. BoulayBank ( does just that!

Teachers spend way more than 40 hours a week lesson planning, teaching, differentiating for all types of learners, attending after school meetings, coaching sports, and visiting families, so trying something new can seem daunting. However, BoulayBank users have transformed their classrooms into self-sufficient economies that track student behavior, while also teaching financial literacy.

Implement and adjust what you want

All aspects of BoulayBank are adjustable to fit individual classroom needs. Teachers can use defaulted items or create and assign jobs, bills and assets of their own. BoulayBank users print refillable QR code currency as bonuses for hard work (as seen left when a student deposits his bonus into his online bank account). Students can add teacher-specified bonuses or infractions on a daily basis to their accounts. They can purchase and watch as their assets appreciate or depreciate and then decided when to sell. Students build their own resumes and watch each other climb the leader board as their net worth increases with each decision they make. My favorite part of the program is that it does not discriminate on an academic level. The students with the highest net worth are the ones who show up and work hard, thus rewarding kids for the values of accountability and determination. Those are the students who I want to acknowledge during Reward Day, when students can spend their savings on items or experiences.

Feedback from users

A 6th grade teacher in California teacher worried about the consistency of the program without daily computer access. BoulayBank responded to the feedback and added a feature that allowed the teacher to apply bonuses in mass to thwart the issue.

A 5th grade teacher in Colorado did not have time to remember all students transactions, so the banker job allowed a few select students access to all accounts to help deposit and withdraw bonuses and infractions throughout the day.

A 4th grade teacher, also in Colorado said, “I have never had my classroom so clean. Students love BoulayBank and are learning to budget and save at the same time! I wish I had learned these valuable skills as a kid!”

Easy as 1-2-3

Once you sign up, you will see a custom pin number for students to create their own account. They can write a resume, upload a picture and begin the journey of a self sufficient classroom with the added benefit of creating a financially literate future generation.

Teachers can create a 30 day free account using promo code bbank17. With our quick start program, you can set up your classroom economy in less than 10 minutes.

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