Top 6 Classroom Management Hacks

Management Hack #1: Set the expectation before students enter the classroom- Have students wait outside of the classroom, so you can set the expectation before they walk into the classroom. For example, tell students what you expect to see when they enter the classroom- walk in without talking and take your seat. Tell students that if you hear someone whispering or someone giggling, you will do it again, until it is done perfectly. This might sound harsh, but you are setting the expectations high which will pay off in the long run. Check out this video to get a better idea of how it looks:

Management Hack #2: Creating Relationships Creates A Stronger Community - Ask students to put their heads down, no peeking, and ask students three questions to rate about themselves. Tell them the scale is from 1-5 = 1- bad 2- not great 3- okay 4- pretty good 5- awesome

  • How are you feeling physically today?

  • How are you feeling mentally today?

  • How are you feeling emotionally today?

Take note of the students who put up a 1 or 2 and check in with them during or after class. This hack gives you an insight into the overall feel of the classroom and allows students to anonymously show you how they are feeling without bringing attention to themselves if they are in need of support. You can do this every class or whenever the classroom feels in a funk.

Management Hack #3: Two Claps on Two. One. Two. *clap *clap. - When studnets are done presenting, in order to show acknowledgement and celebration, say, “two claps on two. One. two.” And then clap twice. Practice a few times to make sure everyone is following the same procedure- not too long of claps and not too short of claps and not more than two claps. Practice until everyone does it and does it right. This creates a community expectation to celebrate others and doesn’t detract from learning time.

Management Hack #4: The 45 Degree Angle- When using Chromebooks or other computers, have students put their computer screens at 45 degrees when you need all attention on you for instructions or when another students is talking. Narrate students who have computers at 45 degrees and wait for students who do not have their computers at 45 degrees. When you have 100 percent of your students’ eyes on you and hands off their computer, continue.

Management Hack #5: Change Up Your Attention Getter- Nothing is more boring than hearing the same phrase or doing the same clap every day. Change it up by having students show you, via active listening, that they are ready for your instructions. Say to your students, “If you can hear me touch your nose. If you can hear me clap twice, if you can hear me, snap three times, if you can hear me do a push up, if you can hear me high five your neighbor, etc.” This shows you physically, how many people are listening and gives students something easy and fun to do while they wait for the rest of the class.

Management Hack #6: Exit Ticket Response - Starting with instant success with a straightforward exit ticket question and the corresponding answer (somewhere in the classroom, or in an activity you did during class) allows all students to feel successful. If they use their resources- whatever they learned throughout the class period- everyone should get the right answer and start off on the right note feeling successful with learning, while also being held accountable to participate in activities.

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