Favorite Resources

Use Jenga for comprehension questions after reading a passage or book.

Play Petals Around the Rose to teach students to persevere when solving a problem and reflect on how they respond to challenges. 

Play Code Names to review vocabulary words.

Do you already have a classroom economy? Take it online to manage behaviors and teach financial literacy through this software platform my husband and I designed.

Practice reading fluency through popular, appropriate pop music.

Bring innovation into the classroom by teaching students how to start a business with the curriculum I wrote.

Teach students how to be well-rounded in their finances, personal health and education through this card game I created.

Teach students about empathy through a cooperative building game.

Provide opportunities to extend learning through breakout boxes with pre-made clues from anything from Harry Potter to the periodic table of elements.

Explore ethics through this discussion based game. Who would you save if you have to choose?

Get frustrated and educated on history with this game of rules, created after the cruel Mao Zedong of China. 

Bring creativity and innovation into the classroom through Caine's Arcade. Students make their own arcade games and market them.

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