Petals Around the Rose

What is it? How do you play it with students?


Petals around the Rose is a challenging activity that exercises inductive reasoning (drawing a conclusion based on an observation). The name is important. One person (teacher) rolls a set of five or six dice. Then that person makes the computation, knowing how it works (see below), while the students try different strategies to solve the game. Once students think they have the strategy, they test their hypotheses by seeing if the next roll yields the same results. Half way through, ask students how they are feeling. Some will be confused or frustrated, some will have already checked out, and some will be more determined than ever to solve the challenge. I like to videotape students playing the game and then rewatch how they responded to the challenge before they complete their reflection.

Reflection: During the reflection, I have students answer two questions in complete sentences on an index card or on google classrooms.

#1: How did you respond to the challenge?

#2: Is this how you normally respond to challenges? Why or why not?

Then we share out our responses.

Read how to play here

Play Petals Around the Rose online if you don't have dice or buy by clicking on the button "Find Dice."

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