PayGrade at Home

Many online teachers and parents have customized PayGrade to motivate students to complete their online learning and do their household chores. 


How? See how two teachers use PayGrade at home below: 

1. Quizzes Feature

"I use the quiz feature on PayGrade to pay students for the work they do. I set everyones accounts back to $0 and then created a quiz for each reading or math assignment I have them do. Then I assign an amount to the question, between $20-50 depending on the complexity of the question. I don't have to do any grading. It is done for me. Students have a time limit, a percent needed to pass (that I input) and then they get rewarded for it financially. I plan to have the amount of money that they have in their account at the end of the school year be linked to their grade."~Terrance, PA

2. Investment Simulator

"Since this just came out, I plan to give all of my students $20,000 to invest. Then they can have a friendly competition for the next month on how much $$ they can make with the real time stock data. I set my trade fee to $15 and made it separate from their checking/savings account, so this will be a good substitute to my stock market lesson I normally teach in person. Now they can just do it themselves with no inference from me." Amy, CO Transforming classrooms into economies. 

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