Online Classroom Economy


BoulayBank is a financial literacy software I created to teach kids about basic finance skills through experiential learning. If you have a classroom economy already up and running in your room, adding this software will simplify the process and make all of your behavior management and money education centrally located. 

Here are some of the cool functions of BoulayBank: 

  • Managing virtual online checking, savings and credit accounts

  • Automatic bill-pay

  • Dynamic payroll

  • Buying and selling assets, credit card exploration, budgeting, understanding investments

  • Digital checkbook

  • On-demand deposit and withdrawal functionality for student behavior

  • Printing school currency with unique QR codes- Students scan virtual money that is deposited directly into their bank account

  • Lesson plans that explore ALL of the National Standards for Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy + Classroom Management = BoulayBank

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