Introduction to Innovation Using a 3D Printer​

In this compilation of 8 lessons, students will be able to experience the process of innovation and begin dabbling in creating 3D products to better solve a problem in the community or world. Students will think critically and creatively to come up with a solution to a problem that they are passionate about. They will collaborate with one another to design, test and redesign their product using the Lulzbot 3D printer, and learn what it means to be a critical consumer. Students will then sell the product to their audience and experience managing a virtual business loan using BoulayBank, a financial literacy tool. Finally, students will learn how to give back to the community and reflect on the creativity within and in the world around them.

Here is the breakdown of the lesson plans: 

1. Understanding the Root of Innovation
2. Market Research
3. Prototyping and Redesigning Using the Lulzbot 3D Printer
4. Understanding Expenses and Scaling
5. Advertising the Product
6. Paying Back Borrowed Money
7. Philanthropy
8. Reflection on an Innovator's Mindset

Find all lesson plans here.

Find the powerpoint that accompanies the lesson plans here

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