Fluency Songs

Make practicing reading fun by using pop songs in class! Each day of the week, I spend about 10 minutes working on fluency with my students who need fluency practice. We do a cold read in partners, then practice our expression, intonation and general fluency. Fluency songs also develop vocabulary, literal vs figurative meaning, literary devices and thematic trends. On Friday, students complete their hot read, determine their word growth and then we watch the music video in class during snack. Here is how I break it down throughout the week. 


Cold read (1 minute each or time reading the entire song)

Complete Monday goal

Listen/sing song



Choral read the whole song

Complete Tuesday Assignment

Listen/sing song



Label stanzas, partner read alternating stanzas, lines or words

Complete Wednesday Assignment

Listen/sing song



Read in silly voices (football player, opera singer, like you have a cold, baby, old person, etc)

Complete Thursday Assignment

Listen/sing song

Share out Theme



Hot Read

Listen/sing song and watch music video (pre-watch to make sure it is appropriate- most of them here are!)

Find song lyric and activities here.

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