Code Names for Vocabulary Development

Codenames is a great game for kids to play where you can substitute vocabulary words your students are learning with the game words to practice synonyms and word associations. 

This game works best in teams of four. There is one blue spymaster and one red spymaster. Each spymaster knows the secret location and identities of their spies operating out in the field. Each spymaster tries to relay the locations of their agents to their team using code names. Their team then guesses the related card. First team to find all of their field agents wins. However, there are innocent bystanders, the other teams agents and an assassin you want to avoid in the process. Kids love it and you can play it for all grades, as long as the words are grade level appropriate. 

If you are in small groups, one game should be enough. If you have a class of 20+, I recommend you play the game during station rotations or buy multiple games so all students are on a team of at least two. 

The only work you have to do is cut index cards into quarters and write the vocabulary word on one side. 

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