Warm Ups

As students walk into my classroom, I have students complete a Do Now or Warm Up for the subject we are working on. Check them out below!


3x 3 Array Challenge - Draw a 3x 3 array. Tell students they must draw four straight connecting lines through all 9 dots without lifting up their pencil or making any curves. See the answer here


4 x 4 Array Challenge- Draw a 4 x 4 array. Tell students they must draw six straight connecting lines through all 16 dots without lifting their pencil or making any curves. See the answer here


Developing Discussions- See a list of discussion questions to ask your students. Below is a sample question.

Part A: How would you feel about a man breaking into a pharmacy to steal drugs? (Think. Pair. Share.)

Questions: What should be his punishment? Why? What other questions might you need to answer before you could decide his fate?

Reveal Part B:  What if you found out that this person couldn’t afford the prescription drug that would cure his dying daughter and that is why he broke into the pharmacy. Does this information change anything? How might this change in mentality relate to other situations in your life? 


1 Minute Mysteries- This book gives short scenarios you can write on the board and have students try and figure out. The book provides multiple hints to give students. To find the book, check out the "Books for Educators Tab" at the top of the site. Below is a sample question.

Is it a miracle?

A group of men are fishing all day in the middle of a lake. A man walks out to them, but no one seems surprised. Why?


Missing Words- I give four of these a day for an entire week so students start getting used to how they work. I found this resource on SignedStories.com and there are 50 puzzles. See the pdf here


52 = C in a P                      52 = Cards in a Pack

9 = P in the SS                      9 = Planets in the Solar System

88 = K on a P                     88 = Keys on a Piano


Brain Teaser Poems- I found these brain teaser poems and my students loved trying to figure them out. Thanks to squiglysplayhouse.com for providing them. See here for the pdf and below for an example.

I have streets but no pavement. I have cities but no buildings. I have forests but no trees. I have rivers yet no water. what am I? 

Answer: A map. 


What is the Question?- I provide answers to a bunch of random questions and students have to determine what was the question. I do this for an entire week because the first day students have a hard time adjusting to asking the questions because they are so used to just answering questions. See the document here

See an example below: 


A really large bear.

Possible Questions:

What did you see out the window?

What is bigger than a toaster?

Can you compare yourself to something?

What made you pee your pants?


Clever Brain Teasers 

See the pdf for a list of clever brain teasers that I use with my kiddos. This is when I really explain to my kids what "wit" is. 


You throw away the outside and cook the inside. You eat the outside and throw away the inside. What did you eat?

Answer: Corn on the Cob

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