Breakout Boxes (Like Escape Rooms but for Kids!)

Check out the BreakouEDU Google Slides I use to introduce kids to the norms of Breakouts. 

Definitely check out the site: A typical breakout box costs $150 but includes access to the breakoutEDU platform that has games from K-Adult age and includes ALL topics you could ever dream of. 

Some of my favorite breakouts are: 

Harry Potter


If You Take a Mouse to School

Poetry Exploration to Alaska

Unlock the Lost Chamber of King Tut

Oh the Places You'll Go

And I like to give a breakout for all of the major holidays: Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, etc. 

The kids love working together and deciphering the clues to breakout! 

I even use breakout boxes for PARCC prep. I give students a two part math question and then they have to solve each part and the part B or C is the number that breaks out! It keeps kids engaged, focused on pacing, attending to detail and ultimately prepares them for the tests. 

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