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Getting Started

Watch the video below on how to set up your classroom with


How to Use PayGrade

See the different ways teachers use PayGrade in their classrooms. 

Classroom Management Tool for the Entire Year

Teachers use PayGrade as a PBIS model to help manage student behavior and teach essential finance skills. It's like a mini economy.

Month Long Life Simulation

Teachers set up a simulation with real life jobs. Then students experience the ins and outs of their financial situation in relation to that job, pay their bills and learn to budget.

At Home/Remote Learning Tool

Online teachers or parents use paygrade at home to motivate students to finish online assignments and complete daily household chores. 


Training Videos

See our videos below on how to carry out specific tasks within PayGrade. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does the platform cost? Basic and PLUS are FREE until June 1,2020 to help teachers through this transition to remote learning. 
2. I forgot my username or password. What do I do?
If you forgot your username and you are logged in, go to My Account > Teacher Profile and you will see your username and here you can change your password if you want. If you are logged out, go to the login page and click on Account Recovery. Enter your email address to receive an email to reset your username or password.
3. How do I teach lessons on
Once logged into your teacher account on, simply click on My Account > Lesson Plans which takes you to the PayGrade Lessons & Training Center site. 
4. Can I use PayGrade outside of the United States?
Currently, PayGrade follows a strict U.S. Privacy Policy for students; however, we have not explored requirements and regulations outside of the U.S. Please talk with your administration and Tech teacher at your school to review our privacy policy to determine if works for you.  
5. How do I delete a transaction?
To delete a transaction, simple login, go to the overview page and in the last column to the right of the student table, it says "Trans." Click on the student you would like to change a transaction for, and then click on "reverse" or "clear and delete." The banker job also has the ability to reverse or delete transactions as well. 
6. How do I change the frequency of bills?
To change the bill frequency, click on Classroom Set Up > Bills. Then click on the bill you would like to change (edit = pencil image) or create a new bill. Then click on Type. The drop down will give you bill frequency options.
7. How do I report an account issue?
To report an issue with, please go to and click on the tab Contact Us.
8. I have an idea, how do I share it?
Connect with on Facebook or Twitter (see links below) and share how you are using PayGrade in your classroom. Have a brilliant idea you want made into a lesson plan? Send us a request at with a description and we will get to work. Thanks for empowering ALL students to be financially literate and successful in their futures!
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